Food and Drinks

Being the capital of haute cuisine, you could spend your months salary on a dinner, without having drunk a drop of wine, and this is not even so much of an exception. While I do appreciate good food and especially good wine, I am not a big fan of french cuisine. It’s too raw and too much offals for my liking and as a consequence, I can’t give too many recommendations in this field. However, I know plenty of other good places that are serving delicious treats and I wanna share with you my favourite restaurants and bars!


Fuxia (around 20€ including wine): it’s a chain of Italian restaurants that serves Pasta, Meat and Salads. A save bet with plenty of comfort food. The house wine is good, although the Antipasti.

Lao Lane Xang (around 25€ including, starter, main dish and a drink): Thai / Vietnamese food – booking might be required otherwise you might run into a queue

Afaria (around 40€: Basque Restaurant in the 15th. Reservation needed

o corocovado (around 25 € with a drink) cozy brasilien restaurant with yummy food and excellent caipirinhas!

Budget option: grab a Falafel at L’as du Falafel in the Marais or a Vietnamese Sandwich at Tang Gourmet in the 13th.


Paris has an unbelievable amount of Bars and your choice of location depends basically on one question: How much are you willing to pay for your drink?

9€ and up for a Pint: You can go basically everywhere. You find nice and lively bars around Rue de Pot de Far, Rue Mouffetard and Rue de la Montage Sainte Genevière.

Mabel Paris hidden Bar with great Cocktails and a very large Rum selection

Less than 9€: best leaving the center 🙂
Le petit Joseph Dijon: a little Neighbourhood Bar behind Montmartre, good Music, live concerts, Pub Quizzes and a good selection of drinks for fair prices

L’age d’or: nice bar in China Town with good prices and a unique interior design; it makes you feel like sitting in your grandma’s hipster kitchen 🙂

Rock’n Roll Circus: a classic rock bar in Pigalle with a unbeatable 3€ pint during happy hours

General Tip: If you want to hang out in a Parisian Café or sit on a Terrasse; just get an Espresso; it’s rarely more than 2€ and you can hang out there a bit and enjoy!